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The Blue Fin is proud to have such talented and professional Sushi Chefs and Cooks heading up our kitchen.

They are all extremely talented, with many years of experience and it shows in the food that they create!

Our front staff takes great pride in providing you with friendly, efficient service in a relaxing atmosphere.

Blue Fin Sushi Bar was founded December 20, 2003 in Smithers, BC.

Terrace Blue Fin opened it's doors on February 20, 2013

Solely owned and operated by

Cindy Palmer

She sold the Smithers Blue Fin Sushi Bar in 2015 and  now focuses solely on Terrace Blue Fin

Cindy Palmer - Owner/ GM


Kieran Toner -Restaurant Manager


 Angel  Toledo - Palacol   

FloorManager   &   Office  Administrator


       Sushi Chef's                      Cook Side Chefs

  • Ryan Seva                                                       Kieran Toner

  • Thommie Sendaydiego                           Zeanel Delos Reyes

  • Rico Salalila                                                 Jan Carl Halaba

  • Jayvee Ramos 

  • Ronnie Anastacio

  • Alain Milla


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